Mango Crepes

I just love crepes! It can make my gloomy day in to a sunny day! Well buying crepes from a food cart in a mall is quiet expensive for me and I just realize it’s only made up a thin layered pancake and a fruit of your choice so I made myself one morning a yummylicious Mango Crepes! Made of layered pancake, a maple syrup and of course star of the ingredients, MANGO! You should at least try to make this one! It’s quiet satisfying!



My Heart Shape Brownies

Heart Shape Brownies

I am definitely a frustrated cook/chef. Made this heart shape brownies last Valentines Day of 2013. It looks good and it taste good..can’t wait to try another one.

My Princess and Prince

They maybe the most “kulit” kids in town but one thing is for sure, they are my prince and princess in our little kingdom! ImageImage